Conservation 1923-1928

1923 Meeting at Maud Noble’s cabin to discuss preserving the regions “Old West” character.
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1923 Eleanor Davis makes the first ascent of the Grand Teton by a woman.
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1924 Paul Petzoldt makes four ascents of the Grand Teton; starts first guide service in the Tetons.
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1925 Lee Manges homesteads at Windy Point.
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1925 One of the largest landslides in historic times produced the Gros Ventre slide.
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1925 Theodore Teepe becomes the first climbing fatality in the Teton Range.
1926 John D. Rockefeller, Jr. tours Grand Teton National Park for the first time.
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1927 Olaus Murie begins a long term study of elk in Jackson Hole.
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1927 Fred and Eva Topping establish the Moose Head Ranch.
1927 Leek’s Camp established which later becomes Leek’s Marina.
1927 A new steel bridge is build at Moose making Menor’s Ferry obsolete.
1928 Flying V, established as a dude ranch, later becomes Teton Science Schools' Kelly campus.
Homesteaders / Dude Ranching
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National Park Era
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