Fur Trappers 1800-1859

1807-1808 John Colter explores the region and perhaps enters Jackson Hole.
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1810-1811 The first fur trappers enter Jackson Hole.
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1811 Wilson Price Hunt, Robert Stuart and the "Astorians" enter Jackson Hole.
1811-1812 The mountains are named "Les Trois Tetons."
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1814 Lewis and Clark map showing John Colter’s route.
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1813-1821 War of 1812 disrupts fur trade; few trappers enter Jackson Hole.
1821 The British firms the North West Company and the Hudson’s Bay Company merge.
1824-1826 Numerous trappers trap the waters of Jackson Hole and the Tetons.
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1825 The first mountain rendezvous of trappers is held on Henry’s Fork of the Green River.
1826 General William H. Ashley of the Missouri Fur Co. sells out to Smith, Jackson and Sublette.
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1829 Jackson’s Hole named for David E. Jackson by William Sublette.
1830 Smith, Jackson and Sublette sell out to the Rocky Mountain Fur Company.
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1832 Battle of Pierre’s Hole follows Pierre’s Hole rendezvous.
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1834 William Sublette builds Fort Laramie; Nathaniel Wyeth builds Fort Hall.
1835 Samuel Parker and Markus Whitman go west to establish missions among the Indians.
1838 Samuel Parker Map of Oregon Territory.
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1841 Thomas Fitzpatrick, a former fur trapper, guides first emigrant wagon train to Oregon.
1840 The fur trade starts to show signs of decline with the last rendezvous.
1850-1859 Few trappers visit Jackson Hole; the region is still used by Indians.
1852 Map of Western US.
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Prehistoric Indians
14,000-500 years ago
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